US POLITICS: Melania ‘Can’t Trust’ Donald Trump, Maxine Waters Alleges in Latest Twitter Attack.

Democrat Representative Maxine Waters has never been shy about her dislike of President Donald Trump, and on Friday her attacks turned personal: The veteran California congresswoman tweeted that Trump’s wife, Melania, was among those who could not trust the 45th president of the United States. “Democrats can’t trust Trump, Republicans can’t trust Trump, and Melania […]

HILLARY CLINTON: How I Lost The Opportunity To Be President…

Judging by the stance of the leadership of the Democratic Party and much of the media, Hillary Clinton’s devastating loss in the presidential election of November 2016 was all the fault of pernicious Russian leaks, unwarranted FBI investigations and a skewed electoral college. Rarely blamed was the party’s decision to run a deeply unpopular candidate […]

War Without End – By Owei Lakemfa

  When the First World War broke out, the writer, H.G. Wells in assessing the magnitude, predicted that if German militarism were defeated, that would be “The war to end war” or “The war to end all wars”. Germany was defeated, but a more catastrophic Second World War came thirty two years later. The world […]

North Korea Accuses USA of Plotting to Assassinate Its Leader, Kim Jong-Un

North Korea on Friday accused the CIA of plotting with South Korea to assassinate the isolated country's leader Kim Jong-Un, amid soaring tensions in the flashpoint region, AFP reports.   A statement carried by state media revealed that the CIA and Seoul's Intelligence Services have "hatched a vicious plot" involving unspecified "biochemical substances" to assassinate the hermit […]

Zambian opposition leader charged with trying to overthrow government

Z​ambia opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema, arrested last week on suspicion of treason, was charged to court on Tuesday for allegedly trying to overthrow the Government. Hichilema’s arrest has raised political tension in Zambia and the new development is likely to worsen the situation. Relations between the government and opposition have been tense since last August, […]