I Still Love Him, Even Though He Beats me and Threatened to Pour Acid on me and Set me Ablaze

A middle-aged housewife, Abosede Olugbenga, has beseeched the Igando Customary Court to dissolve her 6-year-old marriage over allegations of battery and threat to life. She told the court that her husband, Samuel was fond of threatening to kill her. “I don’t want to wait till he carries out the act. He keeps saying it all […]

C.C.D.S The Four Threats to Your Relationship or Marriage

If these things are present in your marriage or relationship, you guys are probably going over the cliff. Criticism – Its okay to complain about something you disapprove of. Criticism is more encompassing — it attacks the person, not their behaviour. They didn’t let the food get burnt because they’re careless, but because they’re wicked. […]