28 Benefits of Goat Meat

Lowers the Risk of Inflammation in Blood Vessel Stabilizes the Heartbeat Contains Cancer Preventing Fatty Acid Relatively High in Protein Contains Lower Saturated Fat than Beef Helps Burn Fat Contains Selenium and Chlorine that help prevent cancer Prevents Anaemia Promotes Hemoglobin Production Good for Blood Circulation Prevents Birth Defect Relieves the Symptoms of PMS (Pre-Menstrual […]

Benefits Of Cucumber By Krishan

Pick a firm, dark green cucumber and pop it into your shopping basket. Congratulations! You have just bought yourself a fruit (yes, the cool cuke is fruit, not a vegetable) full of good health! Here is a short list of the impressive health benefits that a cucumber carries: Keeps you hydrated. If you are too […]

Top 10 Health Benefits Of Carrots

By Health Fitness Revolution First cultivated where the Himalayan and Hindu Kush mountains meet, purple carrots and their yellow alternates were domesticated in the early 10-11th centuries before touching the Mediterranean, and then the Western Hemisphere around 1600. From peas and carrots to carrot cake, this sweet vegetable can be included in many different dishes […]

What are the symptoms of low blood sugar?

Symptoms of low blood sugar can occur suddenly. They include: blurry vision rapid heartbeat sudden mood changes sudden nervousness unexplained fatigue pale skin headache hunger shaking dizziness sweating difficulty sleeping skin tingling trouble thinking clearly or concentrating loss of consciousness, seizure, coma People with hypoglycemic unawareness do not know their blood sugar is dropping. If […]

How failure to tackle injection drug use harms Nigeria’s health

Harm Reduction Report says ‘political resistance’ fuels HIV, Hepatitis C and death of IDUs By Sola Ogundipe FAILURE of the Federal Government of Nigeria  to implement harm reduction programmes against   HIV, hepatitis C and preventable death among injection drug users, has been identified as a major factor militating against progress of the nation’s public health […]