HAMPERS FOR THE SEASON: Get FRESH Smoked Dried Fish Gifts Branded For You!!!!! – PETER’S POND.

In this world where unemployment is ravaging Africa, a Nigerian woman, a lawyer by training has decided to contribute to nation building by creating something unique as a way of promoting the “PATRONIZE MADE IN NIGERIA GOODS” campaign and also to show to others that you can create a niche for yourself.   KARIFEST BLOG […]

Corchorus Olitorius (Ewedu) is Bad For Antibiotics – Researchers Warn

Ewedu, also know as Corchorus Olitorius or jute in rabbits is a favourite soup in Southwestern Nigeria. One may eat Ewedu with Amala, fufu or Semo, but Palestinian researchers have warned people to desist from consuming Ewedu with antibiotics like ciprofloxacin. The research revealed that Ewudu could diminish the efficacy of specific antibiotics, by delaying […]