Nigeria’s Ex-President Jonathan Not Ruling Out 2023: “It is too early to talk about that”

According to The Cable, former President Goodluck Jonathan, after attending an event organized by the Commonwealth Community Choir in Abuja, responded to journalists when asked if he was joining the presidential race in 2023 thus, “It is too early to talk about that.” Yes, as I wrote the other day, something has a good chance of coming […]

My Humble Advice For President Muhammadu Buhari By Dele Momodu

Fellow Nigerians, let me say emphatically that the moment we all dreaded has finally arrived. It is unfortunate that the falcon did not hear the falconer. Nigerian leaders behaved like Nigerians were nonentities, idiots, slaves, donkeys and all what not. Week after week, I have been writing, begging and praying that President Muhammadu Buhari and […]

US Based Nigerian Cleric Urges Nigerian Christians Against Materialism

A United States of America based Nigerian Cleric and President of Kingdom Redemption Outreach Center International (KROC Inte’l), Apostle Faith Eden-Osakwe has advised the church in Nigeria against been overly materialistic and also expressed optimising for Nigeria’s greatness at 60. In a statement sent to newsmen, on Friday, the humanitarian worker and Philanthropist who is […]

MEET The Man Who Sued God And Even Got His Day In Court – See Who Won The Case

When Ernie Chambers sued God in 2008, he was not the first to have sued the supernatural being but his suit made headlines. A year earlier, Chambers, then the longest-serving, and perhaps the most powerful senator in Nebraska history, sought a permanent injunction against God, ordering the immortal defendant to cease certain harmful activities and terrorist […]