Bishop Kukah has earned respect over the years for his unbiased stand on burning national issues. This is yet another classic! Social Media Bill: SHORT WALK TO TOTALITARIANISM? Matthew Hassan KUKAH I have consistently tried to create levels of differentiation between democracy and dictatorship, especially dictatorships of the military variant as we have had in […]

“The Ides of November From Bayelsa”-Amaopusenibo Bobo Sofiri Brown.

Have been silent on this Bayelsa election result. It is not for  lack of clarity. It is rather the dumbfounding lessons from how we got to Nov 16. The implications of the feudal system and it’s culture of imperial arrogance driven by “I Pass My Neighbour” mentality is quite deeper than we have assumed. And […]

The Mathematics Of Health Insurance And What We Put Together In Delta State Is Very Different – Olorogun Dr. Isaac Akpoveta

The N7000 is a small fraction of the ideal premium that was actuarially determined. But the amount so determined was definitely beyond the reach of the average man on the street. Insisting on it means we weren’t willing to proceed towards Universal Health Coverage. So in Delta the Government sets aside minimum of N1.2b yearly […]

Xenophobic Attacks: Reassessing Our Priorities As A Nation – Caleb Arogundade

Against the backdrop of the recent ugly events in South Africa, there is the need for us to reassess our priorities as a nation. With the human and natural resources at our disposal, there can be no justification for the kind of embarrassment that Nigerians suffer abroad if we have been having leaders who were […]

Lessons From Bayelsa Governorship Election 2019 – Dr. Fred Latimore Oghenesivbe

It is not the best of political or leadership strategy to deliberately ignore your footsoldiers and diehard supporters simply because you have your two term tenure secured. It does not also make political sense for you to abandon or ignore those who took insults and abuses for your sake simply because elections are over; suggestive […]

“The More You Give, The More God Blesses You.”- Dangote.

Aliko Dangote, Africa’s richest man, says some people find it difficult to give without knowing that “the more you give, the more God blesses you”. Speaking at the 2019 Gold Gala of Florence Otedola’s Cuppy Foundation in Abuja, Dangote emphasised the importance of helping the needy. The event was organised by the Cuppy Foundation to raise funds […]

“Feminism Is A Scam, Still Single At 55.”- Popular American Activist, Candace Owen

Popular American activist, Candace Owen has admitted that she discovered too late that feminism is a scam and is not about uplifting women but tearing women down and hence she has changed her stance. Candace Owens gave an audience of young women a brief background on her past as a liberal Democrat. It was a […]

Mrakpor’s Effort Of Bringing Sanity, Control And Cleanliness To Asaba Is Commendable – Engr Igwe Enuoyibo

The Director General of the Delta State Capital Territory Development Agency (DSCTDA), Hon. Mrs. Onyemaechi Mrakpor, has been commended for her work in bringing sanity, control and cleanliness to Asaba, the Delta State Capital. Engr Igwe Enuoyibo has this commendation for the hardworking DG. He said: “Our sister, the DG Asaba Capital Development is doing a […]