“We Are Thankful To God. He Was Sad, But His Mood Changed When I Carried Him.”- KARIFEST CEO

We are thankful to God. He was sad, but his mood changed when I carried him. He kept laughing. God made him smile. He laughed from the heart. That smile lifted my spirit immediately. The Real Story: Earlier this afternoon, I drove to the Federal Medical Center Asaba where I visited a boy whose story […]

We Celebrate Anioma’s Pride And World’s Legal Luminary Prof Epiphany Azinge SAN As He Adds Another Year Today

It is no doubt that he commands alot of respect, attention and has great influence globally because he is one notable achiever who has impacted positively and greatly on humanity and has grace working for him. As he turns a year older today, we his friends and family are taking time out to celebrate this […]

Political Power Is Transient But Good And Positive Impact Leadership Builds Legacies That Attracts And Bestows Lasting Power.

When you have political power, impact positively to build lasting legacies that will outlive your political power. Being self serving when you have political power is a snare that will entrap you later when you no longer have grasp of such power. In other words, when you have privilege of service, use your power judiciously, […]

DEAR NIGERIAN YOUTHS: “I Am A Skilled Graduate Because I Learnt A Skill. Go And Learn A Skill To Equip Yourself For The Future!” – KARIFEST CEO.

To the Glory of God, I’m a trained Lawyer, I run my media & Consultancy Firm, and as a Media Executive with employees I pay salaries monthly ASIDES other things I do, I went further to equip myself because I don’t ever want to go without food even at a future date when I’m too […]

KARIFEST CEO TO HATERS: I Won’t GROW If I Keep Doing Only What You Like, Approve Of Or Want To Hear. I’m Cool Being In Your Bad Books. YOUR CRITICISMS AND “BAD BELLE” KEEPS ME GOING STRONGER!

Are you surprised to hear this? Please don’t be. there are so many haters around now who just hates you for nothing especially when you don’t support them politically. So this message is for those who just hate for no reason. My words to them: Get up and get busy than hating and backbiting and […]

Mugabe’s Words We Should Never Forget, No 8 Will Interest You!

Girls’ legs are like rumours.. They spread any how! –Robert Mugabe 2. Ladies are powerful, they can introduce two boyfriends at the same time. They will say: “My Love, meet My Sweet heart.” And the two idiots will say “Bossu, how far?” -Robert Mugabe 3. Some of you girls can’t even jog for 5minutes but […]