Mugabe’s Words We Should Never Forget, No 8 Will Interest You!

Girls’ legs are like rumours.. They spread any how! –Robert Mugabe 2. Ladies are powerful, they can introduce two boyfriends at the same time. They will say: “My Love, meet My Sweet heart.” And the two idiots will say “Bossu, how far?” -Robert Mugabe 3. Some of you girls can’t even jog for 5minutes but […]

The Fear Of What People Will Say Is One Of The Greatest Fears Limiting Me…

It is normal to be afraid, to be careful and mindful of what others think of us. So We all have this fear but it varies. While some are enslaved perpetually to the fear of what others think or say about them constantly, others shake it off as it comes. Are you one of those […]

Be Prepared For Dust That Will Be Thrown At You As You Grow – KARIFEST Duchess Onyekaah Writes From Asaba.

Be Prepared For Dust That Will Be Thrown At You As You Grow – KARIFEST Duchess Onyekaah Writes From Asaba. Learn To SHAKE IT OFF: STOP SHRINKING others thinking you are hurting OR stopping them, that doesn’t make you grow more than you will, rather it nourishes your stunted growth and keeps you on the […]


Delta State Commissioner for Basic and Secondary Education, Chief Patrick Ukah, has appealed to the media to partner with the ministry to help carry out campaigns that will promote education in the state amongst children. He stated this while receiving the award for the ‘Best Commissioner’ in Delta State in the first term of the […]

  Nigerian man goes on Dragons Den, wants money to start a church. London – A Nigerian entrepreneur has appeared on Dragon’s Den, a reality television programme in which budding entrepreneurs get three minutes to pitch their business ideas to five multi-millionaires willing to invest their own cash. The eloquent young man who introduced himself as Pastor […]

How Others Treat You Could Be A Sign Of A Much Deeper Truth… About Yourself – Gay Hendricks.

Have you ever felt rejected when a friend or loved one didn’t call you back, canceled plans on you or dismissed your ideas? Maybe you accused them of being rude and uncaring. And in response, they told you that you’re too critical, never satisfied or always complaining about something. If this is a chronic problem […]


Achieving something extraordinary requires exceeding known limits; it involves molding, motivating and nurturing oneself. You can prime yourself for excellence through deliberate or purposeful practice. Deliberate practice requires hard work. Besides, we like to get creative about reaching our full potential, whether in leadership, performance, education, entrepreneurship or such other endeavors as we might think […]