Political Power Is Transient But Good And Positive Impact Leadership Builds Legacies That Attracts And Bestows Lasting Power.

When you have political power, impact positively to build lasting legacies that will outlive your political power. Being self serving when you have political power is a snare that will entrap you later when you no longer have grasp of such power. In other words, when you have privilege of service, use your power judiciously, […]


FACTS: Four events broke the internet this week, I shall deal with them very briefly, hoping by Jove that we can deconstruct the unreason around the issues. BIG BROTHER NIGERIA. As addictive as football appears, just a few minutes to the whistle ending Sunday’s Newcastle one nil defeat of Manchester United, the Hotel in Abuja […]

“No One Deserves To Have That Much Money” – Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg.

DO YOU THINK Mark is right on his assertion? For one who is very rich like Mark, a lot of people will probably want to become world’s richest, but Mark Zuckerberg is questioning this as he postulated and remarked on billionaires: “No one deserves to have that much money”. Mark Zuckerberg, the fifth richest person […]

“Tyranny And Chaos As Nigeria Slides Into Indirect Rule” By Ibrahim Umar-Bashir.

Much like the British Colonialists maintained the Nigerian territory under their stronghold through indirect rule, Nigeria has again become captive by an unelected cabal who indirectly want total dominance over governance of Nigeria and her resources. This cabal is represented by the man known as the Chief of Staff to the President, Abba Kyari.  As […]