Fake Doctor Saves The Lives Of 6500 Babies Changing History Of Medicine. Check Out How He Achieved This Feat….

“When you see these babies (there may be as many as twenty-five at one time) you will wonder how such strange little creatures will ever be human. They look more like tiny monkeys than the sturdy men and women they eventually will become,” an article from the World’s Fair weekly about incubator babies read. This […]

BREAKING: 103-Year-Old Wins Gold Medal In Track Race.

At 103, Julia Hawkins might have fallen short of the record-setting 100-meter dash she completed two years ago, but she is still living up to her nickname the “Hurricane.” At the 2019 Senior Games in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Hawkins won gold medals in both the 50-meter dash and the 100-meter dash in the women’s 100-plus […]

“No One Deserves To Have That Much Money” – Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg.

DO YOU THINK Mark is right on his assertion? For one who is very rich like Mark, a lot of people will probably want to become world’s richest, but Mark Zuckerberg is questioning this as he postulated and remarked on billionaires: “No one deserves to have that much money”. Mark Zuckerberg, the fifth richest person […]

Dangote, Adesina Make UN Appointment List, See Full List Inside….

The President of the Dangote group, Aliko Dangote, and the President of the African Development Bank, Akinwunmi Adesina, have received new appointments from the United Nations (UN). They were appointed as part of a team to combat malnutrition across the world. António Guterres who is the secretary-general of the United Nations made this appointment as […]

Four Habits That Could Make You A Billionaire.

1. Think like an entrepreneur If you were looking for  a formula to get rich fast, this might just be it . In a recent video for Inc. magazine, journalist and speaker Minda Zetlin revealed the four key habits that made Warren Buffett a multi-billionaire. And they’re so easy, you can start right this second! Even if you aren’t following these personal finance tips already, […]