Burning Sage Helps To Kill 94% Of Airborne Bacteria, Check Out Its Other Functions….

The ancient ritual of burning sage to purify the air turns out to be more than a superstition! The Native American ritual of “smudging” or burning sage to clear the air of “bad energy” turns out to ward away more than just “negative vibes.” A recent study showed burning the herb in a room for an hour […]

Apple Seeds Contains Cyanide, Kills Man As Wife Feeds Him Juice Made With Blended Apple Seeds.

There was a very recent murder case in Australia where an Indian woman killed her husband by giving him crushed Apple seeds. She & her lover have been convicted and sentenced for 22 years & 25 years in prison. It was observed that apple seeds contain Cyanide which is a poisonous substance. This is also […]

“Dame Edith Okowa: Heroine Of Global Fight For The Elimination Of Sickle Cell Anaemia.”- Dr. Michael Nwoko.

The First Lady of Delta State, Dame Edith Okowa has been described as the heroine of the global fight for the elimination of Sickle Cell Anaemia. This commendation was made by the Senior Assistant (SSA) to the Governor of Delta State on Health Monitoring, Dr. Michael Nwoko. The commendation was made by Dr. Nwoko, on […]

Kim Kardashian Diagnosed With Two Terrible Diseases, First One Is Life Threatening. Find Out What….

Kim Kardashian was given the all-clear from her lupus scare after testing positive for lupus antibodies  – but has been diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis. The popular star had her medical worries aired on the TV series, after she was seen experiencing pain in her hands and arms. The doctor  said it was actually psoriatic arthritis, […]

Having More Sex Makes Men More Likely To Believe In God. No 2 Will Make You WONDER.

Here’s WHY: Sex makes men likely to believe in God (well it is a miracle for some of them). New research suggests sex inspires spirituality and even religious beliefs. According to Duke University’s study, in America, it is down to oxytocin.  The ‘love hormone’ is released during sex, childbirth and breastfeeding. According to the research, sex releases […]