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TELLS The African Story In A Unique Style. Celebrates Africa, Africans, People Of African Descent And Anything Positively Associated With Africa. Made By Africans For The World on 20th June, 2016.

In the first few weeks of birthing this blog, we recorded a traffic of over two hundred thousand visitors and have become a promotion channel to several organizations and blue chip companies.

Additionally, we partner with TOP ACHIEVERS and Non Governmental Organizations to showcase their activities and successes. We are equally a frontliner in the business of Image Marketing, Public Relations and Positive projection for top personalities internationally!


KARIFESTBLOG.COM is ObjectiveVersatile, Hot, Entertaining, Enlightening, Trending, Easy to Access, Promotional  and made for the world.

The KARIFEST BLOG is NOT just a blog, it’s a trending platform that seeks to Project, Celebrate And Promote. The blog is promotional and has exclusive contents on anything balanced and news reporting on anything professional, objective, news worthy  and promotional as the main focus. 
The blog Celebrates Africa and Everything Positively Associated with Africa; showcases individuals and groups, projects, reports events, styles & trends, fashion & beauty, and features tourism as a spice.
We help people manage their image POSITIVELY and also promote their businesses while not missing out on hot – sizzling – sensational – trending news and entertainment features.


Why Experience The KARIFEST BLOG…


  • KARIFESTBLOG.COM has in the first few months of its existence gained prominence in the blogging industry for which we are grateful first to God, and then to our clients/users.
  • We consult for VIPS who require exclusive – exceptional promotional services (Personality, Career & Business) and we also act as a networking bridge for achievers and aspiring – ambitious talents.
  • Our strength lies in lending a VOICE to the voiceless to be heard through investigative journalism which seeks to expose and correct societal ills especially amongst the ruling class while balancing our reporting objectively with community based contents.
  • The KARIFEST BLOG has a wide reach and serves all classes of persons and age grades.
  •  KARIFESTBLOG.COM is fast rising due to our CONSISTENCY, RICH CONTENTS,  VERSITILITY, JUICY POSTS and on – the – second – updates, ranging from news to entertainment to celebrity gossips, to promotion of individuals, organizations and other fascinating topics to mention but a few.
  • We have recorded a huge web statistics in terms of web visits and a huge page access from our increasing information seekers as well as lovers of the internet.

For these and other reasons, we welcome and urge Interested advertisers to take full advantage of this growing traffic to advertise their businesses, promote their ambition and showcase their products and services on our blog for a period as specified by them and agreed upon by both parties (KARIFEST/CLIENTS).

Our ADVERT PLANS ranges from 1 week to indefinitely depending on individual, product type and financial commitment of advertisers.

The majority of our blog visitors have been from those with access to mobile and other hand held devices; this we have put into consideration in our blog layout by making it mobile responsive to visitors towards ensuring that advert spaces are user friendly and responsive.

We ensure that our advertisers get value for their money.

The KARIFESTBLOG.COM offers exciting and affordable plans, and we have put strategies in place to ensure that advertisers who use our platforms are happy with our services and are well served.


As a publishing/Multimedia firm (The KARIFEST GROUP), we have over the years garnered a lot of experience in our media work (print and Electronic) and this we bring to bear in our handling of the KARIFEST BLOG.

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Yes we position our clients as PARTNERS, boost their reputation and serve their varying interests.
www.karifestblog.com is a subsidiary of the KARIFEST GROUP.
For more details about the KARIFEST GROUP, please check www.karifestgroup.com to read more.