Popular Facebook Personality Brutally Stabbed To Death Just One Week After Her Birthday Party


The ‘painful exit’ of a popular Facebook personality has left many of her friends and friends in shrieking with tears.

The death of Esther Wunato Chuwang is simply incomprehensible and has sent shivers through the spine of all who knew her. Sources explain that the damsel died after she was gruesomely stabbed by a Keke driver over a trivial issue.

Apparently, she had joined a ‘keke’ tricycle to an undisclosed location, where a disagreement broke out between, she and the driver over the fare being charged. What appeared as a trivial disagreement between drivers and passengers surprisingly graduated into a highly charged situation.

The highly infuriated driver who couldn’t control his temper or bear with the behavior of Esther pulled out a dagger and stabbed her multiple times in the torso. She was rushed to the hospital but gave up the ghost while undergoing treatment. She died just one week after celebrating her birthday.

May she rest in peace!  


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