See This Primary School Where Pupils Campaign For Prefect Posts…Pictures Inside


As a Nigerian kid, our earliest introduction to matters of leadership started with class captain and prefect positions. Many can testify to how supense-filled and interesting the prefect-selection process is; that period when every pupil silently wish they were chosen for their desired prefect-ship position. But, just a few end up being chosen based on the discretion of the teachers. 

However, it seems Beautiful Beginning Academy, in Abuja has taken a twist to this tradition as it organises election for students to contest as prefects while they are voted by the fellow students vote in their favorite candidates.

Of course, the election takes the character of the mainstream political elections and it contains practices such as; campaign, debate, manifesto and so on. 

Although, there are indications that voters-inducement is also one of the practices, a practice which has drawn condemnation from commenters.

But, what do you all really think about this type of initiative. Do you think elections should be encouraged for pupils at that stage or it is wrong?

Drop your reactions under the comment section.

Below are some of the campaign posters:


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