11 Days After Lifting Lockdown, Ghana Records 60% Increase In COVID-19 Cases

Eleven days after lifting the lockdown and restriction of movement in the country, Ghana has recorded a 60 percent increase in the number of confirmed cases of Coronavirus. President Nana Akufo-Addo had cited:“Severe difficulties for all of us across the country, especially for the poor and vulnerable” as a major reason for lifting the lockdown. […]

Meet The Himba Tribe Where Men Offer Their Wives To Male Visitors, And Women Do Not Take Their Bath With Water

All over Africa, some tribes like the Himba still respect and live according to the traditions of their ancestors. Other examples include the Maasai tribe in Kenya, the Pygmies in Congo or the many tribes that call the Dogon Valley in Mali their home. However, this article will be about the Himba tribe in North-Western […]

Panic As About 900 Workers In A Company Tested Positive For Coronavirus

A furious Iowa sheriff blasted the “inept” and “dysfunctional” Tyson Fresh Meats plant in his county where about 900 workers contracted COVID-19. “It incenses me,” Black Hawk County Sheriff Tony Thompson told Rachel Maddow Wednesday night on MSNBC. He blasted a full-page ad that Tyson took out in The New York Times (and The Washington Post and the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette) on […]