“Yes We Can Do It”- Smart Madu Ajaja Calls For Raising #1billion Fund For AAC


“If the inept, corrupt and morally bankrupt leadership of the ailing elitist political establishments could come together in a deadly conspiracy against Nigeria and the Nigerian people to mobilize money and resources from their commonwealth that they have had the opportunities of holding in trust on their behalf, but sadly and tragically confiscated, mismanaged and turned into personal resources to raise and sustain the squander mania of the locusts and cankerworms that have destroyed and continue to destroy their nation for a whole generation and now beyond, we, the people of Nigeria who profess that we are purely driven by sacrifice to rebuild Nigeria into a better, virile, greater, progressive and prosperous country have no other choice than to unite to commit to laying the compelling new foundation needed for an alternative benchmark for exceptional followership, leadership and public service for a country that this generation and indeed, unborn generations of Nigerians will be proud of.
We must end the culture of receiving and imbibe the culture of sacrifice and giving for greater outcomes that would create access to opportunities for progress and prosperity for all without exception.
Be counted as one of those men and women who rose up in defense of Nigeria against bankruptcy and liquidation when it mattered most especially at a critical moment like this in her history”. ….Smart Madu Ajaja












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