Watching CNN tonight reviewing its story on the deadly COVID-19, it’s analysis of how unprepared the USA is in curtailing the COVID-19 pandemic and the impact it has on their economy with a 9th death reported and more people reported sick, and a possible way out not foreseeable in the coming days or nearest future, claiming “Community Spread”, one would begin to ask many questions like what is “Community Spread as labelled by the US” and why is the US which is reported to have the highest and strongest political might and world’s acclaimed greatest in warfare unable to design and develop a possible solution for COVID-19 till now, and how is it that the death toll in the USA is 9 considering how contagious and fast spreading this deadly outbreak is?

What is America possibly hiding from the rest of the world about CORONA VIRUS?

Buttressing further, the US is reputed to have one of the best health institutions and healthcare delivery system in the world, how is it not able to fight this disease and provide a remedy few months after its outbreak?

India is known as as the world’s leading country for health tourists if am not mistaken, what is India doing to curtail CORONA VIRUS?

Has there been CORONA VIRUS related deaths reported to have arisen from India?

Asides China, the virus seems to be fast spreading across the globe, Africa not left out.

So many questions on my mind really, especially now that we have reported cases in Nigeria, some of these questions too heavy for the mouth and for public consumption.

Is there a likely possibility that the Italian who brought the disease to Nigeria could be on a mission?

Could it be a suspected attempt to put Nigeria on the list of endangered countries?

Do we have reasons to think so because of the number of persons he was alleged to have had contact with shortly after his arrival; over a 100 persons?

Can we beat our chest to say he acted in complete innocence?

You came into Nigeria from a country reported to have CORONA VIRUS ravaging it and you move from Lagos to Ogun state within a short period of time upon arrival without first staying indoors for a few days to check yourself and protect others?
Is that normal?
I don’t understand this.

This reminds me of PATRICK Sawyer, the man who brought Ebola to Nigeria. Had he not been stopped by our dear brave Stella Adadevo of blessed memory, am sure so many Nigerians would have gone that way and the larger world more hit.

Now we have this Italian who has brought this deadly CORONA VIRUS into Nigeria, he has recovered as claimed, but how lucky will others he had contact with before reporting at the hospital sick, be?

Will they be brave enough to go to the clinic to be diagnosed if they fall ill?

How cooperative will those people be to report at the hospital early or to the relevant government agencies and designated health officials for a possible quarantine if they suspect to have contracted the deadly disease?

Now we have a situation in our hands and that’s a possible pandemic.
How prepared are we to handle this?

Will the Nigerian government give it the required urgent attention it deserves?

Will politics and corruption have sway over containing this global problem?

With most members of the Buhari led government over 60 years and a considerable number over 70 years of age, with many on health support due to their age or failing health, occasioned by undue stress, greed and unending quest for material things, I expect them to spring into action because their age makes them more vulnerable and susceptible if they come in contact with “exposed” persons.

I do hope that they see it this way.

FACT; COVID-19 is in Nigeria, we have a real problem now, but the world has a bigger trouble because Nigerians travel fast!

So we are all victims in some way, status and financial standing notwithstanding, only time would change this.

My advice; This is NOT the time to be globetrotting, as possible AS IT DEPENDS ON YOU, stay indoors or limit your contact with people until this deadly disease is curtailed because when a family member contracts it, the entire family is endangered and with the high level of poverty and illiteracy in Nigeria, your thought and guess is as good as mine.

ACCEPT THIS; We have a problem in our Nigeria, it’s a sad reality facing each and every Nigerian today; let’s accept and face it, that is the safest way to recovery.

Therefore, I enjoin us all: Let’s join hands to fight CORONA VIRUS, COVID-19.

Repeating Richard Quest’s question tonight on CNN, “how long will this last?”

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With Best Wishes,

Karifest Duchess Onyekaah Esq writes from Abuja, Nigeria.


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