Coronavirus: Market Systems And More Humans At Risk As It Ruffles Economic Ordinances


As coronavirus (Corvid-19) ruffles economic ordinances, market systems and puts more humans at risk, the Board of Medcera, this morning, approved to share our Medcera technology to any public health institution that needs a modern health care tool to manage the virus containment.

Medcera is the world’s first location-agnostic electronic health record system, making it possible that patients’ medical records are stored in one location, irrespective of city, hospital or domain.

In other words, your medical record is always up to date, no matter where you are, provided the clinics are using Medcera.

To collate and aggregate data, health institutions can use Medcera for their agents and field workers. And in real time, via Medcera Insights, experts can see a heat map of potential risks as data is collected.

While our technology cannot reveal the patient or person identity due to HIPAA compliance, we can tell you locations with risk vectors. That way you can activate the traditional protocols based on the healthcare regulations in your locality.

Credit: Prof. Ndubuisi Ekekwe


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