How Oluwo Of Iwoland Engaged In Physical Fight With Fellow Monarch…Pictures Inside


Oba Dhirulahi Akinropo, Agbowu of Agbaagbaa has been hospitalized at the Osun State hospital, Asubiaro, Osogbo, following a royal slap and beating he allegedly received form his colleague, Oluwo of Iwoland over land issue.

The hospitalised traditional ruler who was in company with other monarchs from the area where he came from, was said to be responding to treatment as at the time of filing this report. Our correspondent who visited the hospital revealed that, apart from the monarchs that visited him, other sympathisers stormed the hospital to associate with the king. However, while some traditional rulers in the state condemned that alleged action of Oluwo, some castigated Oba Akinropo for selling land belonging to Iwo people.

Trouble reportedly started at the office of the AIG,zone 11, Osogbo, where some monarchs from Iwo area converged on the police boss office for a meeting to resolve the controversy sorrounding the land matter in the area. It was learnt that, Oluwo was bittered with Agbowu whom he claimed to have sold parcels of land belonging to Iwo people.

Oluwo said to have warned him to desist from selling the land, but the Agbowu allegedly ignored the Iwo monarch and when the issue became more aggravated, the AIG summoned them for a meeting with a view to find a lasting solution to the land dispute. Sources at the meeting who preferred anonymity said:“It was in the course of the meeting that Oluwo punched the Agbowu on his face and this brought an end to the peace meeting.

“Oluwo was the first to get out of the meeting in annoyance, creating a scene and shouting within the AIG’s office “Me, Oluwo, Agbowu is calling me a mad man. Ordinary Baales want to be challenging me. I will show you my worth and there will be war in the entire Iwoland.

“I am the only Oba in Iwoland, others are Baales that I gave land, they now want to be challenging me. Can any Baale in Ifeland do that to Ooni”, he reportedly fumed. When contracted, Oluwo simply said: “There was no issue and that the monarchs are just being sensational about it.

“We held a peace meeting and we are handling it. I don’t know why they are sensational about it. It was just a peace meeting and that was all’’. I defended attempt by Agbowu to hit my eyes after he called me mad man- Oluwo ”. Oluwo, further clarified the situation.

He stated he was truly invited by police to make peace on his stance curtailing excess land sale by monarchs under his domain, a pronouncement that did not go down well with those affected as they regroup to act against the authority of Oluwo who gave them the crown. At the peace meeting held at AIG office, Agbowu of Ogbaagbaa interrupted Oluwo while making his speech and called Oba Akanbi unprintable names, pointing his staff of office at Oluwo while attempt to stick the staff in his eyes which was heavily rejected with force which Agbowu could not withstand. How could a constable openly insult commissioner of police and make attempt to beat the CP? Can any monarch try such with Ooni, Alaafin?”


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