Amotekun: Exposing the hypocrisy of the Nigerian State.


Nigeria is so unique that Harlots are Clergy, Sorcerers and false prophets are the measure of her spirituality, as political operators proudly define hypocrisy and ‘integrity deficit’ with the shameless nodding of partisans. Nigeria is a Country like no other.

In Nigeria the norm of State Governors funding the Federal Police with huge State resources is celebrated. No one argues against it, and no one has yet said that it is unconstitutional and illegal to deploy State government resources in funding the Federal Police. But they say AMOTEKUN which is taking the initiative of protecting the South West States seriously, is unconstitutional and illegal. This is Nigeria, a nation superintended by hypocrites.

No one has argued about the unconstitutionality or otherwise of the Hisbah Police in the North. Are you aware that the Hisbah Police can arrest a Federal Police officer in the North for contravening Sharia? Don’t laugh, such is the sickening hypocrisy called Nigeria.No one argues against a secular Constitution that is Sharia compliant. The Nigerian Constitution is silent on Christianity but predominantly generous on Islam and the Islamic Legal system, such that the present Chief Justice of Nigeria is a Sharia Law graduate. Nigeria is the hypocrisy that lowers every bar for the contrived unity that is presently more turbulent than the hazardous impact of the iceberg on the Titanic decades ago. Nigeria is hypocrisy defined.

Who is the present Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice to declare Amotekun, illegal? What Law gives him that right? Is he the Courts/Judiciary? Has he made laws to that effect, is he the Legislature? Why is Nigeria such a huge joke?Has the stupid ‘born to rule’ psyche and mentality eaten so deep and taken over his mind that he must declare Amotekun illegal whereas Hisbah (Sharia Police) is legal, and the Civilian Joint Taskforce comprising hunters and locals in the North East, legal. What makes Amotekun different from such local and regional security initiatives? Nigeria is simply hypocrisy defined.Amotekun is the most recent question-mark on the conscience of this nation. Amotekun is the crucible that will expose the hypocrisy of the present administration and her apparatchiks. Amotekun is the doorway to true federalism. Amotekun is a challenge to the present government to be true to her promise to protect lives and property. And Amotekun is the call for restructuring and devolution of power.

Amotekun is providence exposing the hypocrisy of the Nigerian State. And Amotekun is reality staring us in the face. May I say that not only do I align completely and correctly with the Amotekun initiative, I salute the South West Governors, the South West leaders of thought, Prof Woke Soyinka, the South West people, and the Aare Onakakanfo of Yorubaland Comrade Dr Gani Adams for the present NO GOING BACK ON AMOTEKUN position. May we thereto test the resolve of this Country and her present leaders to do right.This is the time for the South East and the South South to take the same initiative knowing that the primary responsibility of government is the protection of lives and property. It is foolhardy and totally delusional to think that the Nigerian Police as presently composed can effectively police and protect the nation. Even the Police has itself admitted that the time is overdue for Community Policing.

I’m therefore befuddled and bemused as to why the Amotekun initiative that does not contravene the Police Law, protocols and programmatic was declared illegal. The Government and Malami’s position on Amotekun beats logic and shames clear thought. But Nigeria is hypocrisy defined.

Why is a government that has failed to grapple successfully with the security challenges everywhere in the land opposed to a regional security support initiative? Why is the government quiet on similar initiatives in the North? Is the North and the South unequal stakeholders in Nigeria? Do we have first class, second class and third class rights to the Nigerian estate? Are some Nigerians more equal than others? Why the fuss with Amotekun by Malami, the Miyetti Allah and some Northern Youth groups? Nigeria is indeed hypocrisy made real.

Let me say without a modicum of equivocation that Amotekun is an idea and a phenomenon very long overdue. Amotekun is the challenge to leadership to be true to what it says on paper. Amotekun calls out on President Mohammadu Buhari to make real his promise of protecting lives and property, and the minimum demand of this call is that the Federal Government must embrace Amotekun as the way to go, rather than the tommyrot and the hubris voiced by Malami on the legality or otherwise of Amotekun.Compatriots, now is the time for all true lovers of the Nigerian state to join hands with the South West in pushing the Amotekun initiative everywhere as we rupture the hypocrisy that epitomizes Nigeria. For only a just, fair, equitable and forthright estate that recognises the equality of her component parts ditto the regions and segments, can grow and prosper.

Until we torpedo the many hypocrisies of the Nigerian state, Nigeria will remain failure programmed to happen. Amotekun is thus a wake-up call to right the wrongs and deconstruct the hypocrisy called Nigeria, knowing that it is time up and game over for the falsehood and delusion that sustains the Nigerian state as presently composed and constituted. May God enable Statesmen and patriots to wisely urge and nudge the moment to safety, as the time tested call for restructuring becomes even more strident. God Bless Nigeria.Chukwudumebi Nkemcho Nwaokobia CNN


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