Why Linda Ikeji’s Brother, Peks Was Reportedly Banned From UK.


Brother to one of Nigeria’s popular bloggers Linda Ikeji, Peks Ikeji, has reportedly been banned from entering the United Kingdom.

Linda who also has a sister, Laura Ikeji, has become a staple topic of discussion following her controversial posts. 

It’s not certain what Peks did to warrant the embargo but from instagram user @ifeomafinegirl’s report, it had to do with a shopping trip snafu. 

She wrote: 

Peks isn’t allowed to enter UK again after his last visit because of some serious petty mistake he made during a shopping trip which I am not ready to reveal. But please always be aware that every article in every shop is electronically tagged! Don’t be tempted!!!

Neither peks, Linda and Laura ikeji are yet to make any statement on the lady’s claim, however Nigerians have started to air their opinions in large numbers.


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