Creativity At Its Peak: Nigerian Man Designed A Power Plant. Pictures Inside….


Nigeria is full of human resources and we are reminded of that fact every day through the inventions and creative innovations of Nigerians in different states.

This power plant was designed and invented by Solomon Ukoha. He took to the street of Aba to proudly showcase his invention. It gained public attention and people quickly gathered around him to watch him illustrate and operate the plant while explaining how different bits and features of the plant works.

It is worthy to note that he invented this plant using scraps and condemned parts he picked up from litters and refuse dumps in Aba. According to him, he is a strong advocate of waste recycling and is of the opinion that recycling wastes in Aba will go a long way to sanitize the environment which is currently waste laden.

As of the time of this publication, he has attracted the interest of BBC Nigeria which promises to hold an interview session with him in hopes of giving him a wider publicity and open doors of possible endorsement and sponsorship.

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