Love Made In Heaven? “This Is Our Love Story.”- Ugo The Flying Eagle


Love Made In Heaven? My Wife Was Married For 17 Years Without A Child. I Was Married & Had Two Kids, We Divorced Our Partners, Got Married & Have 4 Beautiful Girls & A Boy Together.

This is our love story.

My wife was married for 17 years without a child and her ex husband divorced her and married another woman. I was married and had two beautiful children and my ex wife divorced me and married her father’s deacon since I refused to be in their religious organization. Ngozi and I met and got married and have four beautiful girls together we have five girls and a boy. Last year we both divorced and remarried again.

I was wondering this morning. If we were held bound under religion, that if you are divorced you should not remarry and if you remarry you are living in adultery, what would have happened to her and what would have happened to these beautiful girls we have together?

You see the biggest enemy to our life, peace and progress is religion and the evil rules created by idiots that have no knowledge of what life and truth is. Jesus said he is the LIFE. If he is the life who are you to tell someone that the life you never authored should be guided by your rules and frivolous regulations.

He is the WAY. The ways of God are pass finding and who can know it, He said to his disciples there are many things I would have loved to tell you but if I do now you won’t remember them but I will send you my presence the Holy SPIRIT he is one with me and THE Father and when he comes and lives in you he would remind you of many things I would have told you but don’t grieve him. How often do we grieve him ? You grieve him when you allow your religion to keep Gods children in perpetual torment.

He is the TRUTH. Everything he says about Himself is his WORD and that is who is. I want to tell someone out there who is struggling about living life again after you were battered with lives unforseen circumstances and or the journey you were created to embark.

When I was held bound by religion I was a fanatic, I was a crusader of these pretentious style of holiness. Holiness that is cunning and covetous, the most terrible people on earth are those who pretend to be drinking tea with God and living a two faced life.

Let me tell you something if your life is not an epistle that men can read and be inspired to stop judging themselves and fight the odds that seem to be the pit of hell the devil and his religious leaders have created through the evil doctrines, you have not started living a life.

I am a better person BECAUSE what the enemy wanted for my life God has turned it around and even if I lose EVERYTHING. I will yet praise the Lord.

Don’t let your past be a reason to remain in the past. Your past is a pass, its your testimonial which is your testimony, if you see it from a positive perspective.

The Lord ask me one in Gilbert Arizona; do you need a stage or do you want STORY? I said give me a story and he has continued to make my life an epistle.

I have received countless letters from men and women who had been divorced or are about to be divorced that cant be bold to come out because of SHAME of being stigmatized. So many of them said I have given them hope to not let what religion has done to them to keep them down.

That you are still in your first marriage is not an accomplishment. It is not your making it is because you decided that you wont let anything come in between your union.

Don’t let anything come in between your UNION with Christ.

There is no marriage in heaven. Everything ends here. God is not going to judge you BECAUSE your marriage failed, he will ask you what you did with it. Use your story to tow the drowning life of others who are going THROUGH something. Those who cant talk about their journey have so much to hide.

My name is Ugo the flying Eagle.

Ngozi Chukwuka the strong woman.


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