LIVERPOOL TRAGEDY; 30 Years And Counting, £.60Million Spent, Cause Of Death Of 96 Fans Still Unknown.


Over the last thirty years £60million has been spent, five separate jury court cases have taken place, and still no one has been found responsible for the unlawful killing of 96 football fans at Hillsborough.

Duckenfield ordered the opening of a gate which led to a surge of Liverpool fans into the central pen of the Leppings Lane terrace at Sheffield Wednesday’s stadium on April 15, 1989.

Photo Mary Corrigan was one of many relatives of the victims who was in court to hear the verdict. 

There was no way out, meaning those inside the already dangerously-packed enclosure were forced up against a fence behind the goal, leading to the deaths of 96 fans.

The case against Duckenfield, now aged 75, was that he failed to see the dangers and didn’t fast enough to avert the worst football stadium disaster in history.

Police at first blamed the disaster on drunken fans, an explanation that was always rejected by survivors, relatives of the victims and the wider Liverpool community, which spent years fighting to find out what had happened.

A coroner’s inquest in 2016 declared that the victims were unlawfully killed . The inquest’s jury concluded policing decisions “caused or contributed” to the deaths and amounted to “gross negligence”.

The latest verdict came in a retrial at Preston Crown Court after a jury in April initially failed to come to a verdict.

“I’m shocked and stunned by the verdict of the jury,” Barry Devonside, whose 18-year-old son Christopher died in the disaster, said.

Margaret Aspinall, whose 18-year-old son James was killed, told a press conference in Liverpool: “I blame a system that’s so morally wrong within this country, that’s a disgrace to this nation.

“Who put the 96 in their graves? Who is accountable for 96 unlawfully killed? What a disgrace this has been today and what a shame on this country of ours.”


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