Rihanna Is The World’s Richest Female Musician. Check Out Why….


We all fell in love with Rihanna when she first stepped on the scene as a singer at the age of 16 with “Pon De Replay” and now shes a global phenomenon. With an estimated net worth of $600 million, Rihanna, 31, is the world’s richest female musician, so you know she’s spending her hard-earned money on things she really wants. It’s a determined attitude that helped the singer get to where she is today. Her fortune isn’t just from her music — she’s been able to grow it through brand partnerships and her own product lines. 

Rihanna’s choice to diversify her income is what made her so wealthy, with adding acting, creative directing, lingerie, makeup, and perfume to her resume. While she’s known to splurge on beauty, fashion, and vacations, Rihanna prioritizes spending money on others, whether it’s her family or those in need. She’s heavily involved in charity work and was named Harvard’s humanitarian of the year in 2017. But she does like to spend some of it on herself! 

From a Hollywood Hills estate to a chic mansion rental in London, to a private island to record her new album, Rihannas living in style. Speaking of style, some of Rihanna’s iconic outfits cost up to $10,000! A lot of that money is sitting on her wrists or around her necks because Rihanna likes to shimmer “like diamonds in the sky” with literal diamonds. She also loves her luxury cars, of which she has a ton, designer handbags costing up to $35,000, and the finest beauty treatments money can buy.  


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