I Celebrate My Friend LIKE Non Other, SIR EDWIN E. OGIDI-GBEGBAJE As He Turns A Year Older Today – KARIFEST Duchess Onyekaah Esq.



How do I celebrate a man who is so good like he has perfection?

How do I convey my thoughts in words to tell the world you exist here in Delta?

How do I even begin to tell the world ….

Today I join the Universe to celebrate a big brother, friend, mentor, chief adviser and inspiration as he turns a year older.

May God honour you my dear friend, may the heavens and earth support you always like you deserve, and may man favour you always as God destined it to be because you are RARE, YES YOU ARE!

Knowing you has been a real blessing to my life, a privilege only God can make possible, and words are JUST NOT sufficient to tell it all but I want the world to CELEBRATE YOU TODAY AND ALWAYS for your kindness, simplicity, magnanimity, humility, GOODNESS, kindness and generosity to all you meet. I see how you treat even strangers and I wonder if you were made for this our planet earth where men are self serving, but you have remained selfless to people of all ages, tribe and kind. You are an ENIGMA my friend.

My best friend, you are indeed a TREASURE of inestimable value, a gem so rare and knowing you has been supper amazing.

Being taught by you has been therapeutic, your general support has been motivating and your true friendship has been inspiring for all the laughs and Onyekaaaaaaaaaaaah you call me most times especially when I decide to act like a child deliberately. Hahahahahahahahha.

You are indeed a blessing to me, not just me, but to humanity.

I want to believe that on this earth, you have no equal in being who you are and just a few people on earth are blessed with friends like you. I am LUCKY.
Knowing you has been such a great privilege and blessing. I am PRIVILEGED.

Now let me say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the world’s kindest soul I know, Sir Edwin E. Ogidi-Gbegbaje, PS Government house (PROTOCOL), Asaba.

May God bless you with life in abundance in good health, wealth and happiness, and may your wife and children be blessed with unlimited favour wherever they find themselves on account of your goodness!




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