Beauty Pageantry For Inmates: 20-Year-Old Convicted Murderer Crowned “Miss Correctional”.


A pretty unique beauty pageant has been held for female prisoners in Sierra Leone.

The pageant, known as Miss Correctional, pitted selected contestants from selected prisons across the country.

A 20-year-old convicted murderer from South Sierra Leone, Sia, won the pageant.

She beat ten other contestants, 7 of whom were convicted murderers like herself.

Speaking after her win, the new Miss Correctional said the pageant showed her society sees them as humans, despite being convicted for heinous crimes.

“It gives me hope and the crown makes me feel that I am out of prison. We know that when we eventually walk free, we will become better people,” she told the BBC.

Sia was reportedly convicted of manslaughter for killing her partner with whom she had a son. She’s serving a 5-year jail term.

She plans to return to school once released.

Simply unbelievable!


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