Anioma Culture – Taboos


Different parts of the Anioma nation have taboos. Some of these taboos over time have become overtaken by civilisation. Some of them though, are still observed to date while many others are almost more or less forgotten.


  • It is a taboo if a man dies during the traditional Quiet Period such as when the Ikpalas ( titled men) are in Nzu (clad in native white chalk). Such a man would be taken to the evil forest for unceremonial burial.
  • It is taboo to cook or pound yam at night
  • It is taboo to narrate an old dream at night
  • It is a taboo to step-cross the stretched out legs or body of another person.
  • It is a taboo to pinch another person with a broom stick

What are/were the taboos in your area of Anioma ? Add to the above examples, add to knowledge, tell and educate those who do not know.

Anioma amaka sorrr ……


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