Political Power Is Transient But Good And Positive Impact Leadership Builds Legacies That Attracts And Bestows Lasting Power.


When you have political power, impact positively to build lasting legacies that will outlive your political power.

Being self serving when you have political power is a snare that will entrap you later when you no longer have grasp of such power.

In other words, when you have privilege of service, use your power judiciously, fairly and for the benefit of all; touch lives positively, empower greatly, impart richly, bestow kindness, love unconditionally, reach out beyond your scope, gather all together for good without evil inclinations, live freely and without bitterness, give freely without expectations and love and welcome all without hate, that is only when you are successful as a leader!

KARIFEST Duchess Onyekaah Esq. (Iyanga Anioma).


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