So Lovely! See Why Women Are Interested In Penises.


Women are designed to be passively interested in penises. When they first meet a man, they don’t immediately gaze at a man’s crotch the way some men do with women’s breasts. 

The thought of a man’s penis size and shape simply passes through a girl’s mind. It’s not something that they fixate on all through the night.

But that doesn’t mean that women are incapable of having sexual thoughts. Women are just more focused on the process of making love or having sex, rather than the anatomical factors involved. 

They are usually optimistic about the size of their partner’s member before they get into bed, which makes their disappointment more evident when they are not satisfied.

The truth is, women are more interested in your penis once they’ve seen it. Before that, they worry more about how your relationship is going to progress and whether you will be a good boyfriend. That is usually advantageous for guys because no matter how disappointing their penis is, they can compensate by being loving and affectionate. Sometimes, that is all that counts.


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