5 Tips For You To Be A Good Person, No 2 Is Very Essential.


#1 If you say it, do it. 

I know a ton of people who are so flaky that I never believe a word that comes out of their mouth. I was lucky enough to grow up with parents who were true to their word.

If they said they were going to do it, they actually did it. You could count on them. And that’s how I am. And you know what? Unfortunately, that’s rare.

#2 Don’t waste other people’s time. 

Maybe you’re not a time-conscious person, and so you always run late. And maybe you don’t think it’s a big deal because time isn’t important to you. But I have a newsflash for you… time is important to a lot of people.So, value other people’s time. PLEASE.

#3 Take personal responsibility. 

Don’t blame other people. Even if they really are to blame, don’t go on and on about it. Look at any situation and try to see how your behavior played a part in how it turned out.

#4 Don’t take anything personally. 

So many people get offended at every little teensy tiny thing anyone says or does. But listen, what other people say or do it usually not about YOU. It is about them. It is a reflection of how they feel about themselves.

So, don’t lash out at people when you feel like they upset you. Remember, no one can offend you unless you allow them to. Try not to take anything personally. Believe me when I say that this one little change alone will completely change your life.

#5 Understand the consequences of your actions. 

Remember when I said you are not the center of the universe? Yeah, well, here’s another thing that goes along with that sentiment. Your actions affect other people. Let me repeat. Your actions affect other people!


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