SexForGrades: University Of Ghana Finally Reacts To BBC Documentary.


The documentary by BBC Africa Eye called Sex For Grades focuses on prominent universities in West Africa and how some of the lectures prey on students by exchanging sex for grades.

At the Univesity of Ghana, two lecturers have been implicated in the expose.

Dr Paul Butakor and Professor Ransford Gyampo were reportedly secretly recorded having inappropriate conversations with journalists who were posing as students.

Dr Butakor denied any amorous behaviour with the BBC reporter or any student saying he follows all of Legon’s sexual harassment and misconduct rules. He said he had no intention of dating her or circumventing university process to secure placement for her in return for sex.

However, authorities at the University of Ghana told the BBC that it considered the allegations of misconduct levelled against Dr Butakor and Dr Gyampo to be extremely disturbing.

It has a pro-active policy on sexual harassment and is committed to rooting out the problem, the University of Ghana.

In recent news, the University of Ghana through its public affairs directorates has released a press release. Read the full news release below:


The University of Ghana’s attention has been drawn to a BBC documentary entitled ‘Sex for Grades’ Undercover in West African Universities fully aired in the evening of October 7, 2019. We would like to state unequivocally that the University places great importance on issues of sexual harassment and misconduct. and condemn any of such acts.

Given that commitment. the Business and Executive Committee of the University has taken a decision to interdict Prof. Ransford Gyampo and Dr. Paul Kwame Butakor, the two lecturers featured in the documentary to allow for further investigations into the matter. In line with University regulations, the two will be invited by the Anti Sexual Harassment Committee in the next few days to assist with further investigations into the BBC documentary.

While the University of Ghana believes sexual harassment is fundamentally about exploiting power imbalance and voicelessness, we also understand the harmful impact it has on individuals, families and institutions. lt is for this reason that the University has taken steps to encourage students and employees to report any form of sexual harassment and misconduct. and has also instituted measures to punish anyone found guilty of the offence. In all instances where the University has been prowded with information and/ or evidence of sexual harassment or misconduct, our Anti-Sexua] Harassment Committee has investigated the matter. interviewed the parties involved. and after making a determination. we have applied the appropriate sanctions as outlined in the pohcy, including dismissals. The Universnty will prosecute the current matter under investigation, in addition to all outstanding cases before the Committee.

We would like to state emphatically that the University of Ghana does not and will not shield any employee or student found to have engaged in sexual harassment or misconduct. No member of the University is considered above the law.

The University would like to assure all members of the university community, including students, employees, our stakeholders and the public that it will continue to actively fight against sexual harrasment/misconduct, and other acts of indiscipline. Further, to assure members of the university community and the public that the University of Ghana will use the ousting structures to handle all matters of sexual harassment and misconduct, while protecting the rights of the victims.

Meanwhile. members of the University community are reminded of the provisions of the Anti Sexual Harassment Policy. and also encouraged to report any acts of sexual harassment and misconduct accordingly. To facilitate this process, additional communication channels have been created; Telephone: 050-736-8053 Email: .gh

Stella A. Amoa

Director of Public Affair

October 8, 2019


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