Apple Seeds Contains Cyanide, Kills Man As Wife Feeds Him Juice Made With Blended Apple Seeds.


There was a very recent murder case in Australia where an Indian woman killed her husband by giving him crushed Apple seeds.

She & her lover have been convicted and sentenced for 22 years & 25 years in prison.

It was observed that apple seeds contain Cyanide which is a poisonous substance.

This is also one reason why insects hardly hit an apple crop. They know instinctively, maybe.

Please ensure that the seeds are removed before eating apples. Especially children should not be given a whole apple. Instead cut, remove the seeds before giving it to them.

You can google for the veracity of the observation, if in doubt. (Google says : ” When the seeds are damaged, chewed or digested , the plant compound known as amygdalin in the seed degrades into Hydrogen Cyanide. This is very poisonous and lethal in 4, 5 doses”).

Please spread the message around to as many people as you can.


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