Dear South Africa
You sing Ubuntu
And magnify hell,
You chorus love
And live hate,
You acapella unity
And shatter lives.

South apartheid Africa
We fought for you and with you
We paid for your freedom.

South xenophobia Africa
We boosted your growth,
We patronized you and your services
And still do.

MTN has milked Nigeria
Shoprite too is milking her
DSTV is even warming up,
They all and others still do.

South apartheid, south xenophobia
This name you bear is ungodly
It is barbaric and unafrican,
It mocks brotherhood.

The freedom we fought for
The peace we brought you
The money we put in
The sacrifices we made,
The time we spent
All, taking our blood.

Even women, women even
The ones that bear children
The people that bore these men,
The ones that pushed heroes out of their vaginas
The wombs that conceived and consecrated angels
Even women, are among these killers and looters.

Security agents, agents of government
Supervising and making mockery,
Mockeries of burning humans.

In Africa, we pamper visitors
Even when they overstay their welcome,
We honourably see them off and still bid them well.

On clandestine visits, Mandela came
When Soweto was cold and freezing,
We fell our trees,
Yes, we gave him woods to warm your land.
Mandela came for firewood
So that you feel warmth and cold no more.

Was xenophobia the heroes’ party Brenda sang,
Are you still prisoners after Lucky Dube’s hit song?
Thabo Mbeki, Tutu, Miriam Makeba, Bafana Bafana and Bagana Bagana, are you still there?

The south of Africa is burning
A wildfire, coming up
Spreading across the continent,
And nothing is being done.

The south of Africa is fuming
Producing carbon monoxide,
A dangerous gas to suffocate Africa
And we are shying away from it.
The south of Africa is boiling
Like a fountain it flows
Pouring out volcanic eruptions,

Liquid magmas, hot rocks.
The south of Africa is quaking
Quaking in high magnitude,
Sliding lands,
Lands of different altitudes
Against latitudes and longitudes,
Bringing forth latitudinal and longitudinal cancers,
Cancers of Capricorn.

Hot, like the mercury
And the world is cold like the Pluto.

Situated against the equator
Upon the stratosphere of weightless fights
Fighting against gravity.

The south of Africa is on the rise,
On the rise of evil,
South xenophobia Africa.

Although it was the rat at home
That brought in, the rat outside
Yes, the home-rat told the out-rat when to invade
The domestic rat informed the wild rat that there are fish and stockfish in the cupboard.

When he-goats publicly sex their mothers
Where then is the sanctify and sacredness of sex, life, love, union, marriage and female-hood?

Tell me about, leaders that unleash pythons on their followers,
Tell me of rulers who import crocodiles to shed meaningless tears at citizens they kill,
Tell me more, when terror and terrorism keep your corridors safe, up north.

When representatives dance with spies
When councillors marry aliens
When kings cohabit with prostitutes
When counselors deceive, dupe, and enslave
Tell me, who would listen to such.

Setting humans ablaze by humans
Hunting men like game and wildlife,
Chanting and cursing their fiery souls
Who bewitched Africa,
When did we become this carnivorous and animalistic?

Jungle justice, taking laws into our hands
Hate, hating and hate speeches
Acts, actions, and ungodly behaviours,
Who taught Africa that he must be a beast?

If they call you a monkey
Must you display your calisthenics gift on trees,
If they call you a kernel-eater
Must you wear stones around your neck,
If they call you a prostitute
Must you sleep in the gutter with animals?

If we had leaders
If we had kings
If we had guardians
If we had fighters
Would we be killed home and abroad?

Nigeria was once the giant of Africa
Her army was always combatant ready,
She partook in peace missions,
She was the trigger in the African map/gun.

The world hallowed and honoured Nigeria
Talents, brains, resources: real, raw and crude
Inexhaustible pool of creation
Loved, no matter what
Now, the world is hunting us like squirrels.

Home is on fire
Abroad is the wire
Diaspora is the mire,
Lives; wasting daily.

Rocks and rocks at Aso
Springs and waterfalls
All, nothing but grazing.

Cows killing
Uniforms, troubling
Fears and predictions
Lawlessness and disorderliness.

South of Africa, Africa of the south
Looting, killing, burning
Maiming, and raping strangers.

Tongues and tribes, severing Africa
Raw Africa of pure beauty
Native blacks of natural love,
Godly and traditional
How did we get here?

Sold to the highest bidder
Bought by cabals of human-eaters
Eating away futures of generations unborn.

Breaking hearts, homes and families
Cheering to deaths
Toasting to spoils.

Cohorts, within and without
Chameleons, saboteurs
Camouflage and subterfuge
Green snakes on green grass
Flying mambas and waving serpents
Anachronistic anacondas swallowing siblings;
Orphaned siblings.

Discrimination and segregation
Marginalization and bigotry
Unlawful advancement of division
Divide and rule, hide and seek
Governance of ungovernable government.

Animals walk with immunity
Humans hide for security,
Animals destroy with impunity
Humans run from insecurity,
A world so upside-ly turned.

Tired, you die there
Ready, you die there
Willing, unwilling, unready
All, you die there.

Xenophobia of south, southern xenophobia
Xenophobia becoming a middle name.

Nigeria, we hail thee
The labours of your heroes’ past
Vainly becoming.

Brotherhood, dead
Neighbourhood, decayed
Motherhood, in tears
Fatherhood, disowned
Relationships, abandoned
O how are the mighty fallen!

Giants turning dwarfs
Irokos, crippling
Elephants decimating,
Courtesy of ants.

Ethnic cleansing, sacrilegious sacrifices
Taboos of incredible comprehension
Desecration of blood and bond
Violation of holy ordinances
Humiliation of humanity
Exploitations against nature
Adventurous wizardry and witchcraft
Black, blacker, blackest.



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