On behalf of Ani Ndokwa Clans Association (ANCA) Ndokwa East Chapter, we write to express our resentment over the imposition of politicians on the flood related affairs of our Communities and its inhabitants.

Ndokwa East Local Government Area is situated partly in the upland and majorly as an island between the River Niger and Ase Creek, a major tributary of the main River Niger stretching from Abala Oshimili to Asaba Ase. This, we inherited from our forefathers making the issue of flood from the Niger an annual occurrence. We are bounded by various states like Anambra, Imo and Rivers to the East, Bayelsa towards the South, others are Oshimili South, Aniocha South, Ndokwa West, Isoko South and Isoko North Local Government Area of Delta State.

The President Generals of the 22 Clans in the Local Council Area makes up the Ndokwa East Chapter of the Association (ANCA). They are the grassroot democratically elected leaders various communities.

In this wise therefore, they are more informed and abreast of the terrain, ecology, flood devastating areas and effect on victims within the communities better that the Politicians who resides in urban cities far outside their communities. The welfare of Citizens at the local levels should not be politicized.

For the purpose of proper co-ordination and delivery of your well intended services to the citizens, a team of home based members of this Association headed by Mr. Nnamdi Chukwujekwe, GSM No. 08039320235 has been inaugurated to liaise with government agencies towards ensuring a proper implementation for the relocation and welfare of flood victims within our Communities. You may also wish to reach the undersigned through their GSM Nos.

It should however be noted that not all annual flooding threaten us on certain occasions when it becomes excessive and we give it a name as “Iju-Uku” big flood. The decentralization of the 2019 flood camps in Ndokwa East is an essential factor towards satisfying their convenience and yearnings on flood matters.

In view of proximity and to achieve better result, the zoning method of camp locations stated below will suffice.

  1. Oleh Zone: Ibedeni, Azagba, Ekpe, Ase, Asaba-Ase, Onyah, Utuoku, Warri-Irri, Owurubia, Iyede-Ame, Onogbokor, Lagos-Iyede and their environs.
  2. Ashaka Zone: Ibrede, Anyama-Awa, Igbuku, Ashaka, Ushie, Aboh, Abuator, Ise-Onokpor, Abalagada, Afiankwor, Umuti, Iyiowu, Umuoru, Adiai-Obiaka, Okpokrika, Agidigbo, Okpai, Akarai- Etti, Akarai-Obodo and their environs.
  3. Ossissa Zone : Ossissa, Obikwele, Iselegu, Onuaboh, Inyi, Afor, Abala-Uno, Abala-Obodo, Asaba-Utchi, Onicha-Utchi and their environs.
  4. Asaba Zone: Abala- Oshimili, Okwubedo-Utchi, Umuochi-Utchi, Obala-Utchi, Oboma-Utchi, Obecha-Utchi and their environs.
  5. Kwale Zone : Beneku, Umuigwe, Umuedem, Okpai, Udegu and their environs.

We therefore suggest that for the impact of government’s well intended palliative measures to get to it’s desired beneficiaries, we are ready and willing to partner with government agencies to ensure adequate relocation and welfare of flood victims.

We also wish to reiterate that similar exercises in the past which we were not involved were misdirected making victims with various degrees of devastation uncared for and nothing got to them despite the elaborate succor plans put in place by government, other organizations and individuals to alleviate their plight.

Sir, we solicit your timely intervention to avoid reoccurrence of the past as we pledge the assurance of our highest regards always.

Yours sincerely,

Prince Igwe Nzekwe (JP)
President of Presidents Generals

Chief H. Ike Ijeoma
Secretary General



  1. This a very well intended script aimed at correcting previous errors that denied the affected people from the area the privileges meant for them. All relevant authorities should not gloss over the recommendations given above. It will work well for the best interest of the people.

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