Okada Rider Dies In An Auto-Crash, Survived With 6 Wives And 30 Children.


An Okada rider, Hassan Mafabi who is a 51-year old man from a Ugandan village has died in a road accident, leaving behind 6 wives and 30 children. The family members were left helpless because of the death of their sole breadwinner.

Hassan Mafabi, the okada rider has reportedly secured a loan to buy a brand new motorcycle barely a month before involving in the auto-crash that claimed his life. His intention was to work with the motorcycle and pay back the loan.

According to reports, the Okada rider was ran over by a car on high speed and he could not survive the accident.

The tragic incident was confirmed by a Bishop in his area, Bishop James William Ssebagalla of the Mukoro Church of Uganda Diocese. The Bishop also disclosed that the death of the Okada rider has left his family in an hopeless situation.

The Bishop thereby appealed to the general public to come to the aid of the family of the deceased.

The future of the 30 children is left hanging as their poor mothers do not have any source of income to take care of them.

Adding to their predicament is the fact that the Okada rider has not finished paying up the loan before his death and it is uncertain who will take up the liability.


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