Be Prepared For Dust That Will Be Thrown At You As You Grow – KARIFEST Duchess Onyekaah Writes From Asaba.


Be Prepared For Dust That Will Be Thrown At You As You Grow – KARIFEST Duchess Onyekaah Writes From Asaba.


STOP SHRINKING others thinking you are hurting OR stopping them, that doesn’t make you grow more than you will, rather it nourishes your stunted growth and keeps you on the ground perpetually because it blinds you from seeing good opportunities that could lift you from the ground where you will always remain if you don’t stop hating.

Has it ever occurred to you that when you malign, hate or speak abusively of others for no fault of theirs, or for just no cause, it highlights your personal flaws, shows your envy for them, increases your low self esteem, harms your health and destroys meaningful relationships?

Now the question is:
How can you be happy if all you see in others are faults, you curse and hate?

On the other hand, do you care so much about people calling you good to the extent THAT you lose your identity, self worth and no longer live for yourself but for others to be called “Mr Good Man” or “Mrs Good Woman”?

As you grow, it is certain; dust will sweep through your face or blow at you on it’s own if you walk around dusty terrain, (from your personal mistakes), people you care about will throw mud in your face to obscure your vision and prevent you from arriving your destination timely (betrayal), critics will smear your sparkling apparel with stinking mud out of envy to stop you from joining others to glow (Witchcraft), how prepared are you?

Remember, if you must grow, you must learn to ‘Shake IT OFF’ (Prayerfully and Physically) always as you climb the ladder of success and adopt classic methods of dealing with success-stops like character molding, for in humility, simplicity and strength of character, your true worth lies as a person uniquely endowed, and not in your personal achievements which may be a repetition of what others have achieved also in history.

In essence, nothing is so new in personal achievements, but your identity can be so unique in character which can be endearing and enduring for posterity.

With Love,

Good Morning and have a robust weekend.

KARIFEST Duchess Onyekaah. (Iyanga Anioma).


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