A Newly Married Man Commits Suicide After Discovering His New Wife Pregnant For Another Man


Barely two days after his wedding, a South Sudanese man, David Jiet Chawul committed suicide after discovering his newly wedded wife is pregnant for another man.

Mr. Chawul killed himself on the August 12, 2019, two days after his wedding which was held on August 10.

Mr. Chawul is from Juba, Republic of South Sudan and is a graduate of New Generation University College, Ethiopia. He got wedded to his wife, Rebecca Ekuen on Saturday August 10 in Freedom Hall, Juba. He later discovered that his wife is pregnant for another man and thereby took his life due to the shock.

The family was thrown into a grief mood and they described the incident as ‘unfortunate and untimely’. That they will definitely miss the deceased very much. It was also reported that the man is a biological brother to the former Inspector General of Police, Gen. Saed Chawul.


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