Why You Should Jealously Secure Your Underwears


By Sir Gabriel Otioma

The issue of pants and underwear stealing is no longer news. But we must be conscious of it as is no longer the business of Yahoo Plus boys, but common among the wicked people in the society who wants to make money by all means and at all cost without human sympathy.

However, parents are advised to educate their children on the needs to jealously secure their pants, bra, underwear and stained sanitary pads from the reach of any untrustworthy person. You can as well burn your sanitary pads, used underwear and jealously protect your pants from second person.

Stealing of Panties (underwear), bra and blood stained sanitary pads is now a security challenge. So, young women are advised to take this very serious and secure themselves. Women are being robbed these days at gunpoint, not to kill or harm them, but to collect underwear such as bra and panties and also search their handbags for stained sanitary pads.

As a young lady, you are expected to be vigilant and secure your underwears and sanitary pads from second person, especially those who share rooms with persons who are not family members. The world we live in today is carpeted on wickedness, please be on the safe side!


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