Tragedy as Breastfeeding Mother dies saving Father from falling off a tree


Tragedy struck at Umungada village, Umuomaku in Oruba South Local government of Anambra State as a breastfeeding mother aged 21 dies in an attempt to save her father from falling off a pear tree.

The deceased, Chinwendu Ike died while trying to save her father, Samuel Ike from falling off a tree at their backyard. She was however crushed by the heavy weight of the father. She was quickly rushed to the hospital where she gave up the ghost few days later.

The mother of the victim, Mrs. Franca Ike has earlier warned her husband about his attempt to climb the pear tree, but this warning falls into deaf ears. He later climbed the tree to pluck some fruits which eventually leads to his fall when a branch of the tree he was standing on got broken. The nursing mother rushed out hurriedly to save her father who have called for help.

Mrs Franca Ike said:

“I have severally warned him to desist from climbing trees on Sundays but he wouldn’t listen. That Sunday, Samuel defied my warning. He was on the tree plucking pears when the branch he was standing on broke.

“He fell on another branch and as he clung unto that branch helplessly, he started shouting and calling for help. It was a point that Chinwendu, who heard the call, ran out to the backyard and met the falling body of her father who had already slipped from the second branch.

As she stretched her hands to catch him, his head hit her on the chest. She was later taken to hospital at Umuchu where she died after some days.”

The Umungada villagers have later cut off the pear tree and the victim’s body has been buried in the family’s compound.


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