Only sexually attracted to Intelligent people: The Sapiosexuals


Sapiosexuals are people who are sexually attracted to highly intelligent people. A Sapiosexual is a personality who find a person sexually arousing because of their high level of intellect and may not consider anyone they think he/she is not smart.

In an interview with the French Equality Minister, Marlene Schiappa, she said she is a sapiosexual, that she is attracted to others only based on their intelligence.

According to the French minister who is in her lmid 30s, attraction is not based on appearance but what is on the inside which is the brain. She said Sapiosexuals are sexually attracted to highly intelligent people, regardless of the looks. And there are a lot of Sapiosexuals.

This “Sapiosexuals” subject came up when she was asked about a novel she had written where the heroine finds the erstwhile French Prime Minister Alain Juppe attractive and sexy.

The term ‘sapiosexual’ was coined from the Latin word ‘sapiens’ which means wise in the year 1998. Sapiosexuals find intellectual debate engaging and attractive. Also, deep thinking and long conversations in Literature are their major turning points.

She said being a Sapiosexual is not weird and they still acknowledge people’s appearance. And the sexual orientation can be regarded as autosexuality.

In times past, people have criticized this sexual orientation seeing intelligence as simple and outmoded disregarding the appearance which discriminate against neurodiversity. In the instance of having an ugly boyfriend with no sense of humour.

In the recent years, the term ‘sapiosexual’ has gained recognition as 0.5% of users on a dating website OkCupid has identified as being Sapiosexual.

However, the French Equality Minister has said that it doesn’t matter if a person who a Sapiosexual is attracted to is not also a Sapiosexual so far as the person finds the Sapiosexual physically attractive i. e. you don’t have to be a Sapiosexual in order to love a Sapiosexual.

In her words:

“You should message me if you like 19th-century novels, quantum mechanics, opera and politics. And have never seen Love Island, like I never have.”


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