See How A Beautiful Groundnut Seller Made Herself An Attractive Gown With Groundnut Shell In Her Traditional Marriage.


The photo of a beautiful Nigerian Lady who used to be a groundnut seller has gone viral. She was reported to make herself an attractive and sexy gown with groundnut shell.

The unidentified lady was said to be a groundnut seller for years as a means of survival before she met with her husband. The attractive and sexy groundnut gown she made herself in her traditional marriage left the entire guests, family and well wishers in great surprise.

Furthermore, when she was asked why she prefers the style, she said she did it to show dignity of labour and where she used to be before her current status.

According to her “This is not just a fashion style, it’s a way of showing dignity of labour and where God took me from. Again, I am using this opportunity to urge follow ladies to be proud of themselves, what they do, no matter how little it is and pray hard for better days. A woman’s beauty is not a guarantee for good designers, but our hand does. In other words, when you work hard, you wear the best designers and shoes, rather than trusting your beauty and hoping to collect money from men to buy expensive designers”.


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