How Two Girls Were Beaten For Impersonating And Pretending To Be Cultists.


Young girls were properly disciplined after they were seen practicing cult activities in a hotel in Jattu Uzairue, Edo State.

The girls

Two young girls have been reportedly beaten by some member of cult boys who saw them in a hotel taking pictures and doing some hand shakes which falsely made people to see them as cult members.

According to eyewitness, after they left the hotel, they were stopped on their way home by some boys who asked them some questions as to know if they truly belong and it was, however, discovered that they were impersonating as they could not answer the questions relating to the attitude they displayed earlier at the Hotel.

Furthermore, they pleaded with the boys that they were just having fun, but all fell deaf ears as they were beaten and almost stripped naked by the boys as a discipline and to ensure that such attitude don’t repeat itself in near future.


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