Sad: How Keke Driver Was Killed Because Of N350


A young man lost his life because of #350. Trouble started when he took his keke for servicing. The keke mechanic bought hydraulic for him and used it to service the brake of the keke. Upon return he was told about the 350 used for hydraulic, he said he had no money, that he’ll pay back later. People began to pour petrol in the burning fire, telling the mechanic boy to seize the man’s keke. So they started arguing and it turned to a fight.

Man came and was separating them, the Keke driver threw punch on the small boy and missed it and hit the man that was separating them. Then the man separating them got angry, rushed and brought a knife and stabbed the keke driver at the back and on his neck.

An eye witness narrated his account.

He was stabbed yesterday at back and on the neck.
I personally took him to hospital, deposited money to make sure treatment would be commenced.
I went away to reach for his madam.
This morning, I was hoping to see him stand up on his fit and thank me for my kind gestures.
You know what I heard? He’s gone!
He passed on this morning! He bled a lot… I feared he couldn’t make it seeing the way he was bleeding yesterday. God!!!
People Bad sha! He’s dead because of N350, would have explained but it’ll be lengthy…
RIP Oluchi… RIP onye keke.


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