A Short Story Of Ndi Amin Of Uganda


Idi Amin wanted to take over Tanzania to punish Nyerere. He plotted to go into battle with Tanzania to actualize it but he was afraid of what the World would say if he didn’t provide a credible reason.
So, Amin told his military chief to dress some of Ugandan Soldiers in Tanzanian Military Uniforms, and let them kill some Ugandan soldiers at the borders, through that, the world would believe that Tanzania attacked Uganda first and Uganda is right if she decided to revenge. Ugandan Military did exactly so. But Idi Amin lost the war, lost the power, lost relevance, went on exile and died many years after!!!
Those who make darkness their abode but choose to shoot arrows in the light will have their miserable lives shattered in the end.

Credit : Ayekooto Akindele


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