By Edwin Okoh

In a typical Nigerian folklore, it is often said that the taste of the pudding is in the eating. Closely related to this is the words of Peter Tosh captured in his music where he said that when music is nice you play it twice.

The configuration, outlook and nature of the structure of the workforce of statecraft in the second tenure of our Smart Governor, Sen Dr Ifeanyi Okowa was revealed by the calibre of person he appointed as the Secretary to the State Government recently.

Truly speaking, since the 31st day of May 2019 when His Excellency the Governor of Delta state made a choice of SSG in Chiedu Ebie, he has successfully established a standard to the notice and overwhelming approval of the majority of discerning Deltans, that his second tenure in office is simply going to be characterised by high standard, hard work, zest, precision, thoroughness and brain.

This is the reason why the person occupying the office of the Secretary to the State Government, in the mind of this piece and going by the nature and scope of the office, is seen as the Standard Bearer to measure all other appointees that would come aboard this administration to help His Excellency in operationalizing the chosen mantra of a Stronger Delta in the coming days.

The Governor, in my unbiased observation and opinion, is himself a symbol of hard work and precision put together.

In four years, he has astutely and constructively established a seamless lineage of persons with similitude across the three senatorial districts and in all 25 local constituencies of the State.

This has informed his ability, correctness and swiftness in the choice of well meaning nominees for positions of appointments that he has so far made since his inauguration as Governor of Delta State for a second term in office.

When the SSG said recently that the Governor took a big risk in appointing him as Commissioner in his first tenure, not many persons comprehended him. As at that time of his nomination for appointment as Commissioner, he was a first timer and had no knowledge whatsoever of what it takes to carry out administrative duties in a working government structure. Over time, within four years and armed with the hunger not to disappoint his boss and community, he successfully imbued himself with the necessities of statecraft required for the rudimentary governmental administrative acumen.

The fact that he achieved this objective was testified by the Governor himself in making him his first appointee for the position of SSG in his government. That is the standard so set by the Governor himself.

Following this, the Governor has not lowered the standard in the selection of nominees for other positions.

A look at the first batch of Commissioners and Special Advisers nominated, screened and subsequently inaugurated into office so far, reveal that there is actually a strong nexus (in requisite attributes and standard) connecting the basis underlying the appointment of the SSG and the first Eleven.

They all represent a high degree calibre of persons who have recognisably and deeply carved a niche for themselves respectively in human capital development in Delta state.

This whole thing means that the choice of Mr Chiedu Ebie as a first choice appointee is not only a good one, but it is also a measuring standard for other subsequent appointments.

Since a standard has been established, Deltans therefore are of the belief that all other appointments that will be made by the Governor will not only follow the laid down rule where round pegs will find themselves in round holes, but will be made up of refined persons that will help drive the policies and programs of government resiliently, relentlessly and robustly.

We as Deltans are also eagerly waiting to begin to count the gains of democratic dividends in this second tenure which by all intents, is seen as a seamless extension of the first, as a Stronger Delta beckons.

In all, thank you Sen Dr Ifeanyi Okowa, our astute Governor for meaning well for Delta State in all the steps that you have taken so far.
You are right on course.


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