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By Iroroh Frank

The Technical Director, Delta State Sports Commission, Madam Martha Jugar, has described the Sports, Technology, Arts and Research Science (STARS) University, Idumuje Ugboko, Delta State, as a fantastic institution which is sure to improve the performance of Nigerian athletes at global Sports meet and break the jinx of the country’s poor outing at international sport championships. Her words, “what I am seeing here is fantastic, there is no doubt, this university will improve the standard of Sports in our country and improve our athletes performance in major Sports meet. In the long run, it is bound to break the jinx of our poor outing in international Sport competitions”.

Madam Jugar made these remarks while been conducted around the ongoing construction works at the site of the University by the founder and Chancellor, Hon. Prince Ned Nwoko, over the weekend.

The Bulgarian trained athletics Coach, who created waves in Athletics – Field events, in Nigeria and beyond during her athlete’s days, added that by what she saw on ground, the University will be ideal for Olympic training camps for the national team, “judging from the facilities on ground and equipment that will be provided here, as you have explained to me, I have no doubt that the institution will be ideal for Olympic training camps for our national team,” Madam Jugar told the founder, Hon. Prince Ned Nwoko, as both exchanged ideas on the curriculum and scope of the university’s program.

Madam Jugar who hails from Onitcha Ugbo, a neighbouring community, sharing boundary with the university, expressed delight that such a wonderful university is sited in her neighborhood and praised the Chancellor for his vision of establishing such a world class university in his community, the first of its kind in Africa, south of Sahara.

“I am not aware, we have such an amazing and fantastic university here, I am very delighted that I am sharing a boundary with such a wonderful institution. It is a thing to be happy about and I am much more excited because my own community, Onitcha Ugboko, will also benefit from the population influx the University will be attracting to this part of the State. I know that when it is fully operational, my community will witness increase in business activities and housing developments. This is good for our people,” the visibly delighted and excited Sports tactician, stated.


The founder and chancellor, STARS University, Idumuje Ugboko, Hon. Prince Ned Nwoko, has unfolded more details of the University’s master plan. Hon. Prince Ned Nwoko, revealed the details while conducting the Director of Sports incharge of the technical department of Delta State Sports Commission, Asaba, Madam Martha Jugar, round the ongoing construction works in the university.

According to the chancellor, the University was conceived to meet the aspirations of budding athletes, to provide them the conducive environment needed to train for optimal performance in their events and as well prepare them for life after their active years in Sports.

His words, “the idea behind the establishment of this university is to give our budding sportsmen and women the enabling environment for training to enable them achieve optimal performance in their events. They will have all the facilities and equipment which they require for training.
The university will also offer them opportunity to study other conventional professional courses of their choice, it will run double major degree programs. This is to prepare the athletes to perform well in major global Sport events and equipped them with alternative professional careers, which they can go into after their active years in sports.” Hon. Prince Ned Nwoko emphasized.

While giving briefs on the layouts of the university, the founder further stated, “the university has two layouts, there is a layout for academic activities and another layout for Sporting activities.
The academic layout, as you can see, has the Student’s Cafeteria, which is designed to also act as a conference hall, the faculty building, a multistorey complex for lecture rooms and lecturer’s offices, administrative building, the girl’s and boy’s hostels and staff quarters.

The layout for Sports is the green zone, it has a Sports centre, designed with provisions for halls for indoor Sports, business centres and restaurants. There is also a multistorey guest house by the side of the Sports centre, the guests house is capable of accommodating close to five hundred guests at a time. This is to provide accommodation for competitors, officials during major championships, because, we have visions to host international Sport competitions here as soon as these infrastructural facilities are in place.
So, in that case, there will not be problems of accommodation anytime such major events are held here”. He stated.

Also speaking on the green zone, Hon. Prince Ned Nwoko added, “the Sports centre will be facing the track and field arena, there will be four football pitches, Cricket and Hockey pitches, Handball, Basketball and Volleyball courts. All these will be open to adjoining 18 holes International Golf Course, which will have a Golf house,” he added.

The University has a workshop for engineering students, waterworks and Agricultural department which already has 40 fishponds, Battery cage poultry house, piggery and vegetable garden. This means, the institution will be self sufficient in its nutritional requirements.

The zoo houses assorted and rare exotic birds, monkeys, crocodiles and numerous other animal species.

On the energy needs of the university, the Chancellor said, “the university will have 24 hours uninterrupted electricity supply and we have mapped out four ways to meet its power need; firstly, we are connected to national grid, secondly we have standby electricity generating plant to supply power in case there is power outage from the national grid, thirdly, we also plan to build solar farm to generate electricity, using the energy from the sun and Fourthly, this is the highest point in Delta State, it is about a thousand feet above sea level, for this reason, the wind current here is very high, so, we plan to build windmills to generate electricity for the university. All these combined power sources are certain to provide the University community 24hrs of electricity. He concluded.

Other things been equal, the university will take off September 2019.

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