What I expect most members of a robust forum and social media platforms for Anioma especially the youths
to be discussing is how we can get the very best out of this government by an Anioma son because we do not know exactly when the opportunity would come again!

Emefiele will be retiring in June or thereabout.

We do not know for how long these evil politicians will allow our own pride, Dr Ibe Kachikwu remain as Minister.

Jim Ovia can do alot for Anioma, so also Ngozi Okonjo Iweala and a whole lot of other top Anioma sons and daughters.

Our great Anioma son and current political leader H. E. Sen. Dr Arthur Ifeanyi Okowa is our governor, we know he is doing well but can be encouraged to do better when we tell him areas where his input has to be felt.

There are several undeveloped parts of Anioma we should bring to his notice for the good of Anioma and I know he would LISTEN.

Instead of constantly fighting amongst ourselves on social media platforms all day long, we should rather be concerned about how we can help Okowa and other top Anioma sons in government to serve Anioma better to be the best we should be.

That’s just how I feel.

Stop the fights please and begin to THINK about ANIOMA’S PROGRESS.

We can have ‘Anioma Wonderland’.

Together Let’s build an Anioma we all will be proud to call our own, where we will be proud to display our cultural heritage as a people, our exotic village homes, roads and recreation centers to the whole world.

An Anioma where Anioma sons & daughters in the Diaspora will be quick and happy to invest in to provide jobs for our youths and prevent them from running away to foreign lands in their prime in search of greener pastures where they get drowned in the Mediterranean with all their hopes, dreams and aspirations.

Let us begin to think of how our youths in Anioma can become successful entrepreneurs, how we can build cottage industries in Anioma and make it the business hub of Delta and Nigeria.

Anioma is safe and Okowa’s government has made it safer for everyone with the peace & security we now enjoy.

But no doubt, God remains our sure protection and secured heights.

Anioma youths, I urge us all to RISE UP in our numbers today and for once, THINK OF YOUR/OUR FUTURE IN ANIOMA AND NOT IN OTHER LANDS!!!


Enough of your political fights and blind followership of self centred politicians who do NOT care about our future except for themselves and families: The bitter truth.

STOP being comfortable with going to ask for empowerment from these politicians, because they only enslave you the more so you can keep serving their selfish interests. That way we keep enshrining corruption and electing the wrong persons as our leaders.

Instead let us begin to THINK of how to EMPOWER ourselves and redeem ourselves from the shackles of economic slavery ocassioned by bad leadership.

We need financial independence to be able to choose the right persons to lead us right!

Anioma youths ARISE and TAKE your future in your hands!
Start Today!

Convener/President New Anioma Compatriots Worldwide Association.

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