On Eluro and the Woman:


While we were interviewing Mrs Favour, a mother of 3, the lady assaulted by dishonourable Eluro and her boys in the trending video, few minutes into our interview session, Eluro”s son and few of his boys showed up in a building that shared boundary with the woman’s family compound where the interview was going on, and kept staring at us, his boys kept parading themselves on a bike.

Eluro’s boys later came to the front of the woman’s house while we were still there and parked their bike looking at us as if they were expecting me to quiver or get scared.

When they noticed we ignored them, while focusing on our work, they left and returned a few minutes later. I still continued with my interview while staying alert to watch their every move, and as a trained lawyer and humans right advocate that I am, I understood what their move was about but I was there to do my work and leave peacefully and not for trouble, so my team and I ignored them completely and continued with our work!

After we finished recording our interview, we went upstairs on my direction to film the doors broken by Eluro as alleged by the woman.

Next I told my crew to come with me and we walked to the next street leaving our car behind just to watch their next action.

The boys still followed with their bikes and rode past us as we were standing in the middle of the street talking.

It was a drama.

They wanted us to know that they have come to scare us away, they didn’t hide it.

~ My tales about Eluro and his Victim Mrs Favour.

KARIFEST reporting.

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