By Vincent Oshiagwu.

I thought I was in a trance of some sort while reading from the Internet about the brutality of a certain lady by a government appointee whom authoritative reports reveal doubles up as a palace Chief in Ika land. And until I watched the video clip of the animal brutality, I was a little in doubt and almost waving it aside as one of such regular media propaganda and character assassination by mischief makers to dent the image and smear the reputation of some perceived political opponents especially as the general elections draw nearer. Alas, reality dawned on me after watching the video to the end. It revealed a complete basic Animal Instinct or what Fela Anikulapo Kuti of blessed memory described in one of his songs as animal in human skin.

Without hesitation, I drew the conclusion that some human beings are no better than their animal cousins where and when the institutions put in place to secure and safeguard civilization have all collapsed. What has been tweaking in my head after watching and rewatching that clip since the ugly news broke and hit the cyberspace is how did we arrive at this obnoxious point of arrogance, impunity and stupidity that we no longer have respect for human lives and now behave like animals because of politics and power.

How sad that the human institution put in place and selected to ensure that the beastly nature do not triumph over human evolution suddenly swapped place with the animal kingdom. If not, why will any sane person, a holder of public political office of trust as Special Assistant on Security to the Governor of Delta state and palace Chief of a reverred monarch throw caution to the wind and strip a struggling lady naked on the street for any reason?

Though no one has come up to clearly state the offense of the lady in question, she remains innocent until proved otherwise by a court of competent jurisdiction but the man, Mr. Friday Eluro should be told the truth that he overreacted and acted in a manner unbecoming of a responsible husband, a father, a politician and a palace Chief. This is one truth some political appointees like him will not tell him. Had Gov. Ifeanyi Okowa not sacked him nor his chieftaincy title not withdrawn from him by Obi Efeizomo, many of them would have justified the action and insane act of Mr. Eluro. That is how bad our politics have degenerated.

For those who share same opinion with me on this unlawful battering, brutal callousness and outright display of barbarism by Mr. Eluro, it is the madness of a mindless little mind, emptiness of mental understanding and moral decay principally driven by pride, impunity and rapacious greed leading to the abuse and misuse of power. I am however constrained to state that his ignoble action clearly depict that animals are more conscientious and liberated than some persons in political, religious and traditional regalia. In truth, the question is how did a man like this get his appointment and chieftaincy title ab initio? Why saddle a man with leadership position which its rules and etiquette of engagement is alien to him?

Seriously, a anyone with this kind of filthy behavioural trait of physically abusing people in public is unfit to hold leadership position. And of course, any kind of physical intimidation or intrusion such as pushing, stripping, pulling, hitting, slapping, striking, punching, kicking, choking, hitting,, torturing as demonstrated by Mr. Eluro are indicators that he’s not worthy of his appointment and chieftaincy title. Under normal circumstances, the law should take its course ; ordinarily, he should be arrested, prosecuted and sentenced. I was glad to be reliably informed that some Human Right Activists and Organizations are interested in this case and when that happens, it will act as a lesson for all opportunist political appointees and a deterrant to others with such mindlessness or those nursing the idea. Enough of this abuse and misuse of power, enough of this festival of arrogance, enough of this avoidable violence, enough of this arrant political rascality, enough of this mindless brutality and enough of this undue intimidation.

I must commend the reverred Obi of Owa Kingdom, HRM, Obi Emmanuel Efeizomo for rising up to his responsibility as a royal father by swiftly doing the needful. Daddy, may you live long for us. Other royal fathers in Ika land should borrow a leaf from him. Gov. Ifeanyi Okowa too should be lauded for sacking this man without wasting time. Leadership is for men of honour and wisdom, not ganga planters and bullies.



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