Pant thieves storms Ijebu Ode Restaurant.

By Sir Gabriel Otioma

The world is becoming more wicked and cruel on a daily basis. When we think we have seen it all, the worst always come to beat our imaginations. The world is indeed carpeted on wickedness as men will do anything to make money without feeling for their fellow humans.

Desperate, evil and unimaginable things are indeed happening; we must protect and secure ourselves from evildoers in the society. It was reported yesterday that pant thieves stormed Ijebu Ode Restaurant, Ogun state and collected underwear from ladies.

However, ladies who didn’t wear undies were given new underwear to put on for five minutes and were collected afterwards.

A lady identified as @Omotayo_Visuals took to Twitter to reveal the incident. She wrote.

“Some boys went to an eatery at ijebu Ode, Ogun state and collected all the pants of the ladies there no killing or robbery they just went there for the pants, those that didn’t wear pant were given pant to wear for five (5) minute.”

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